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  • Communique. . . . Our monthly newsletter sent to all our clients

  • Weekly Tax Tip. . . . "Tax Tips" are published weekly to provide useful tax information. Return to this site every week for helpful tax-cutting suggestions, tax reminders, and current tax information.

  • Business Tip of the Month. . . . "Business Tips" are published monthly to provide useful business information. Return to this site every month for helpful business management suggestions.

  • Financial Tip of the Month. . . . "Financial Tips" are published monthly to provide useful financial information. Return to this site every month for helpful financial management suggestions.

  • 2002 Tax Planning Guide. . . . The latest online tax planning guide for Individuals, Investors, and business including the latest in changes in the 2002 tax laws.

  • Strategies. . . . Free Reports are organized by the roles you play in life. You may play each of these roles or just a few. We encourage you to take your time and browse through the helpful articles and tax saving strategies for business owners, self employed, individuals, investors, families, and the affluent.

  • Your Business. . . . This section includes frequently encountered topics relating to business.

  • Your Car. . . . Buying, Selling or Leasing a Car? This section will assist clients in making informed financial decisions when buying, selling or leasing vehicles. Being knowledgeable before shopping can help save those hard-earned dollars.

  • Insurance Planning. . . . Without the proper amount of coverage, a financial or estate plan may fail, leaving you and your family with many unmet dreams and goals. Potentially causing financial devastation!

  • Estate Planning. . . . You've built up an estate, and achieved success. Your focus starts shifting away from taking care of yourself, to ensuring your loved ones are cared for after you're gone. That's what estate planning is all about.

  • Work-Related Expenses. . . . The deductibility of many work-related expenses is governed by special rules. These special rules apply to both employees and self-employed individuals

  • IRAs, Pension Plans and Retirement. . . . It is never too early to plan for your retirement. In most cases, employer and government retirement resources will not provide sufficient funding to insure a comfortable and secure retirement. Retirement planning and retirement saving programs have become a necessity rather than a luxury.

  • Relocation. . . . From time to time it becomes necessary to relocate, whether it be a move across town or across the nation. Moving can be a disruptive experience whether it be a job-related move, a retirement relocation, or simply exchanging homes within the community.

  • Occupational Deductions. . . . Key Expenses and Deduction organizers for Business Professionals, Clergy, Daycare Centers, Entertainers, Firefighters,Law Enforcement Officers, Medical Practitioners, Real Estate Agents & Brokers, Sales Representatives, andWaiters & Waitresses

  • Client Newsletters. . . . Timely articles that address the latest tax, financial and business issues that apply to the average taxpayer. These newsletters provide valuable information and useful tips to help you understand tax laws and be prepared for changes.

  • Deductible Medical Care. . . . Medical care means amounts paid for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease, and for treatments affecting any part or function of the body.

  • Investments and Taxes. . . . A series of articles dealing with special treatment of investments, income from the investments, and deductions associated with the investments.

  • Work Related Expenses. . . . The deductibility of many work-related expenses is governed by special rules. These special rules apply to both employees and self-employed individuals

  • Eldercare. . . . As the life expectancy of our population increases, so do the many issues of providing care for the elderly. Spouses and children of the elderly are faced with difficult decisions in providing their care.

  • Tax Breaks for Education & Student Aid Information. . . . Current tax law provides a wide range of post-secondary education tax incentives. The more prominent benefits include Education Credits, Section 529 Plans, Coverdell Education Savings Account, Penalty-Free IRA Withdrawals, the Deduction for Education Interest, and the Above-the-line Education Deduction.

  • Dollars and Sense. . . . Helpful tools to assist you in managing your savings.

  • Divorce & Separation Issues. . . . Taxpayers must resolve many tax-related matters when they separate or divorce. Failing to consider these tax issues can have a long-term financial impact. Taxpayers contemplating separation or divorce are encouraged to consult with this office before finalizing any agreements.

  • Death of a Taxpayer. . . . This section will provide an overview of some of the commonly encountered issues to be resolved upon the death of a taxpayer.

  • Credit & Debt Management. . . . Maintaining good credit allows individuals to take advantage of lower interest rates and rapid access to funds when an appropriate need arises.

  • Charitable Contributions. . . . This section explores some the special rules that apply to charitable contributions.

  • Casualty Losses & Your Environment. . . . Floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes, along with thefts, fires and other accidents can cause financial losses that may be deductible on your tax return as a casualty loss.


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